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Frequently Asked Questions About Gel Guns

Are Gel Blasters Illegal

No, Gel Blasters are not illegal in the United States. You should always make sure that you do not bring a gel blaster anywhere that prohibits guns.  Gel guns are illegal in North Wales.

Do Gel Pistols Hurt

The answer to this question may vary but typical gel blasters do not hurt or cause harm if used properly with protective eyewear. The purpose of the game is to have fun not cause pain or harm.

What Are The Best Gel Blasters

The best gel blasters are rifles with a high fps such as Jm-X2, M416, and the Orbeez Gun Gel Blaster Gatling gun

Why are gel blasters being banned?

Gel blasters are being banned in Whales after being used in a series of high crimes

Are Gel Guns Better Than Water Guns?

Yes, gel guns are more advanced than water guns. There is no filiing up or leakt pistols. The gel beads are also biodegradeable

What is the difference between airsoft and gel blaster?

The main difference is that airsoft guns shoot bbs that are made from solid hard plastics. Gel blasters shoot gel balls that are mainly made up of water that explode on contact.

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