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Frequently Asked Question About Spaltrball

Does Spalt R Ball Hurt?

No, Splat R Ball does not hurt. However, make sure to have protective glasses or goggles on as they can cause damage to your eyes and face. The gel beads are filled with water and they are very soft and burst into water on impact.

How big is a SplatRBall?

The dimensions of a SplatRBall according to the manufacturer are 7mm. They are made of a polymer that absorbs water. They come as beads that are already made or they can be made by soaking them in water overnight.

How fast does the SRB400 shoot?

There are two modes for the SRB400. The Manual Mode can blast up to 8 water beads at 100fps and the Full-Auto Mode blasts 8 water balls per second up to 200 fps.

How much ammo can a SplatRBall gun hold?

The SRB 1200 can hold up to 1200 water beads in the drum magazine. Some have modified the magazine to hold up to 2000 water beads 

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